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Viberg Leather Care Products

We are excited to announce the launch of our first in-house leather care products: Viberg Leather Conditioner and Viberg Leather Castile Soap.  When developing these products we knew that we wanted to work with someone local who understood our company’s values and expectations for quality.  We make our footwear the traditional way, using the best materials available and we needed our care products to reflect this process.  Mike St. Claire of Steele & Co. decided to follow in his grandmother’s footsteps when he discovered her soap making tools and recipes.   His brand now produces a full range of grooming products and is available in stores across the country.  We travelled to Mike’s workshop to get a behind the scenes look at his manufacturing process.

For our Viberg Leather Conditioner and Leather Castile Soap we wanted to focus on simple recipes that would be suitable for most types of leather.  Both products are unscented and feature all natural, mostly food-grade, ingredients.  The Viberg Leather Conditioner is a beeswax based emulsion of natural oils that can be applied to leather to restore moisture and help defend against the elements.  The Viberg Leather Castile Soap is a gentle, vegetable based soap that will provide your footwear with a deep clean when needed.  Used in conjunction, these two products provide a simple maintenance regime for your shoes or boots that will significantly extend their lifespan.  Shop both products in our new Accessories collection here.