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Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn is a full grain moosehide leather produced by one of England's oldest and most respected tanneries.  Earlier this year we sourced a limited run of this unique leather and produced two distinct boots to highlight the versatility of this material.

Firstly, we made a Scout Boot using the roughout side of the leather which has a sueded texture with a long, uniform nap.  The Mini Ripple sole and stacked leather wedge give the boot a casual feel, making for an interesting sneaker replacement in a streetwear oriented wardrobe.  

Next up we used the grain side of the leather on a version of our classic Brogue Toe Service Boot.  The pronounced grain and matte surface of the Unicorn leather result in a contemporary take on our oldest silhouette.  A truly unique piece of footwear that is subtle enough to be worn in any scenario.


Guy Ferguson 
Models: Edmund Teh, Drew Tostenson