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Distressed Service Boot

In preparation for our Spring tradeshows, we recently decided to distress a single Service Boot sample to take with us as a prop.  We wanted to see how quickly, and to what extreme, we could speed up the aging process.  We used a lightweight Italian Calfskin for the upper and a full leather sole with hobnails in the heel.  It was soaked, bent, tied up, and left to dry in a burlap sack.  The result is a weathered, mouldy boot that looks more like it was excavated than manufactured just a few weeks ago.  Exactly what we had hoped for.

The boot is filled with water to soften the leather insole.

The boot is bent into an upturned position.

Then tied to keep its shape.

Ready to be soaked.

Filled until the boot is fully submerged.

Left to soak with our leather counters.

Post soak.

Oxidized hobnails.

Sealed airtight and left to dry in a burlap sack for one week.

The finished product, laced and on display at Bread & Butter Berlin.