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Authenticity Pt. 2

Today, the Stitchdown Service Boot
® is synonymous with the Viberg brand.

In 2007 when we re-launched the current iteration of our Stitchdown Service Boot®, it marked the first time that a brand had combined the industrial DNA of a rugged work boot with the low toe and heel profile of a refined uniform shoe last to create a silhouette that was suitable for any occasion.

The use of double-row stitching to attach the vamp to the midsole had not been done before and quickly went viral on niche internet forums and found support with select shops around the globe.

The signature double-row stitching on our Stitchdown Service Boot
® is a hallmark of our Stitchdown construction method.

Viberg has a long and storied history of producing Stitchdown logging boots suitable for the wet, harsh conditions of the Pacific Northwest. With Stitchdown construction, the vamp is "turned out" before being attached to the midsole. This technique naturally wicks water away from the boot, creating a waterproof barrier that will keep your feet warm and dry in almost any weather.

Even when paired with the highest grade leathers available - like Horween's Genuine Shell Cordovan®, Stitchdown construction will perform and function exactly like our industrial products. In addition to this, our Stitchdown Service Boot is fully resole-able and recraft-able, allowing for lifelong use.

In 2020, Viberg received USPTO Trade Dress protection authenticating the pattern & shape of the Stitchdown Service Boot® as the "first to market" original.

The Stitchdown Service Boot® - Authentically Viberg.