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Derby Boot Dust Calfskin

While we are constantly introducing new materials and methods into our production, it is also important to revisit and revaluate those from the past.  On our last leather sourcing trip to Italy we met with the tannery that produced our Dust Black Calf which we have used on a Service Boot, Derby Shoe and Slipper in the past.  While we were big fans of this leather from the beginning the unique colour and finish were sometimes difficult to communicate online.  We wanted to reorder this material, but altered in some way.  We worked out an arrangement with the tannery to buy only the heaviest weight sides available and we switched the base colour from black to a rich chocolate brown.  We are calling this new version simply Dust Calfskin, which we feel accurately describes the grey-brown colour and powdery finish.  This is a truly artisanal leather that exhibits inconsistencies in colour and texture that should be embraced.  Purchase the Derby Boot Dust Calfskin here.