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Division Road

Stockists is a series focused on highlighting some of our key retail partners around the globe.  While all of our stockists share a common appreciation for quality products, each shop presents a unique vision informed by their environment, history and influences.       

In the few years that we have worked with Division Road they have quickly become a go to destination for all things Viberg.  Owner Jason Pecarich works closely with us, often in person at our Victoria factory, to design unique make ups and custom collaborations.  His meticulous approach to products and retail has separated him within a crowded marketplace and resulted in a loyal customer base both locally and abroad.  We recently hosted our second Made To Order event at his Seattle shop and had a chance to snap some photos of the space and ask Jason a few questions about himself and his business. 

When did you open Division Road and what were you doing prior?

We launched Division Road in August of 2016 online and a month later we opened the shop. I’ve been in the business for the last decade in assorted capacities. Mainly retail and product development work for apparel and furnishing brands. I’ve worked on projects and had roles at various scales and positioned businesses, from boutiques to international multi-channel. I specialized in retail and buying management, but did everything from web to brand development projects, store design along with overall expansion planning, and a lot of product design work. From the bottom to the top there are very few areas in which I don’t have a little familiarity, so I definitely knew what I was getting myself into, and have a lot of opinions based on experience in the business. Prior to my consulting work, I had an architectural design firm for about 5+ years, which was very different, but a related field.

How does Division Road define itself and who is your ideal customer?

We are footwear first in our approach and only carry completely exclusive hand-grade, fully re-buildable/re-craftable offerings in that category. Our apparel and accessories are informed from that position in terms of styling, quality, and the brands we work with along with doing lots of collaborations there as well. Further, we only carry products made in US, Canada, Europe, and Japan specifically. Our position is to appeal to the elevated collector and a graduated customer who appreciates heritage goods, our single uniform aesthetic, and classics infused with a little modern adaptation. We also serve guys getting into their first pair of quality denim, jacket, or boots as well. However, I wouldn’t say we’re everyone’s retailer as we do specialize in goods that are more expensive but are value purchases at those prices. We believe sustainability is buying once, and to a certain degree we’re minimalists in our approach to a wardrobe and having things that last, even though we’re collectors at heart as well. 

What is on the horizon for Division Road?

Honestly, the journey will tell us. We’re still defining our scale and have no plans for expansion as we built the business and brand to handle grow to a certain level. Our focus is to develop the website smartly while continuing to work on content projects that assist customers with their purchases and relate to our brand. Mostly, we just want to bring the best products we can to our clients and serve them at the highest level possible. This is always the ethos of Division Road and will continue to be. Upon every seasons collaborations and merchandise mix, we are always excited at what we come up with when working ever more closely with our core partners, like Viberg.

How do you spend your time outside of the Shop?

What time outside the shop? I’m actually pretty boring and on my few days a month not working I do as little as possible. I work on my vehicle, read, and hike, along with going to shows and nice dinners. My largest interest in product and retail, so I feel pretty fulfilled from my work.

Name three businesses besides Division Road that visitors can’t miss in Seattle?

Our retailing friends on the Hill, Glasswing is great and they have a very different but relatable style/vibe. They do an excellent job and have some fantastic lifestyle and home related goods. 

Elliott Bay Books is a must and you can go in there with no agenda and leave with a stack of prodigious books. Almost every one has a written synopsis or opinion from a staff member, which is unique and special from an experience and informational level. 

Il Terrazzo Carmine is a Seattle institution for Italian food and I love everything about it. Old world, great service and food, and considering what you’re getting it’s a value purchase even at a high dollar amount. Like us…