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Glen Viberg: Inherited Craft

At an early age, Glen Viberg unknowingly started down the path of bootmaking that has spanned the last 50 years of his life. As a teenager, Glen worked alongside his parents, Edwin and Gladys, along with his eldest sister Crystal as the family traveled from town to town throughout Northern British Columbia, building boots for the industrial logging community.

In 1970, Edwin Viberg relocated the company to Victoria, British Columbia, where it still resides.

Embracing the entrepreneurial philosophy passed down from his father, Glen had the vision to apply Viberg's legendary durability to the specialized market of steel-toe safety footwear.

By providing robust, steel-toe work boots that can be resoled and recrafted, Viberg remains a market leader in industrial-strength footwear across North America. Using his fathers' knowledge, Glen developed an entire line of Nailed-down work boots that, to this day, are the most durable boots available.

Glen has spent his entire career on the workshop floor, mastering the craft of bootmaking.