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Shinki Hikaku Tannery

We are excited to share images from a recent visit to the Shinki Hikaku Tannery in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. As a manufacturer we are committed to crafting the highest quality product and that requires sourcing leathers from tanneries with similar quality philosophies. Like us, Shinki Hikaku is a family run business with a longstanding history. They were established just 20 years after ourselves in 1951, and have remained a boutique tannery devoted solely to horse leather. Shinki Hikaku is the only tannery to specialize in horse leather globally, and as such is able to produce extremely unique signature leathers. Their tanning processes involve drying and aging stages that take up to four months and produce unique texture and grain. We recently utilized their signature Oiled Horsebutt leather on a classic Service Boot due to the intricacies and character that couldn't be found elsewhere.


Photos by Guy Ferguson