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Horween Natural Crust Double Cordovan

A collaboration of family and craft between Viberg and Horween.

For our first pre-order of the year, we are offering Natural Crust Double Cordovan for our Stitchdown Service Boot® - an extremely special leather from legendary US tannery Horween Leather Company.

Service Boot Cordovan
The unique processing of this leather begins with a 60 day pit tanning period. The pit tanning liquors used in this process are a proprietary blend of tree bark extracts, originally created by the company’s founder, Isidore Horween. After this period of heavy tanning, the leather is hot stuffed with a custom blend of waxes and greases, hand oiled, and finally, cured for 90 days. This leather takes nearly half a year to process and finish, and epitomizes the art of “slow manufacturing”.


The Double Cordovan is the heaviest leather we have ever used in our 92 year history. The thickness of the leather ranges from 3.5-4mm, which makes for one of the toughest boots ever made.

This leather combines the best properties of Horween's famed Shell Cordovan, and their ultra-rugged Workshoe Butt. The Double Cordovan is identical to regular Shell Cordovan, except the Shell is not fully exposed, and no additional colour is added - hence the Natural Crust naming. The heavyweight nature of the leather is a result of the secondary shaving step being intentionally skipped - which would completely expose the Shell, however in this case it leads to the leather being incredibly thick, abrasion-resistant, and remarkably durable.


The terracotta-esque colour of the leather is derived solely from the tanning liquors, waxes, greases, and oils. The leather will also darken and burnish quickly with wear. This results in a high degree of natural variation, and as such, each and every boot will truly be “one of one”.

Each Pre-Order comes with a branded colouring book & pencil crayons which allows you to track the journey of your boots as they become part of your story.

The Natural Crust Double Cordovan Pre-Order is now live. Limited quantities available, only on Viberg.