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Limited Release - Tochigi Leather Pack

Introducing a Limited Release of our iconic Stitchdown Service Boot® featuring leather from Japan’s legendary Tochigi tannery in 2 colors - Khaki and Chocolate Cowhide. The Tochigi Leather Pack is available now, in limited quantities, only on

VIBERG Service Boot


The Limited Release Tochigi Service Boot® is built on our classic 2030 Last using Stitchdown construction, and features a brogue cap toe, Ridgeway sole, full lining, and a structured leather toe. The Chocolate make-up features painted brown eyelets and antique midsole finishing, while the Khaki sports antique brass eyelets and a natural midsole.

VIBERG Service Boot

About Tochigi

Established in 1937 in the Tochigi Prefecture of Japan, Tochigi Leather is a world-renowned tannery that specializes in creating extremely high quality, full veg-tanned leathers using exclusively 100% natural vegetable tannins. 

Tochigi's factory is made up of 160 tanks containing a tannin solution made with the finest Brazilian mimosa. The raw skins are soaked in these tannin-filled tanks, starting with the lowest concentration solution and finishing with the highest concentration solution, allowing the tannins to slowly and naturally permeate, and turning the raw skins into leather. Through this centuries-old process, the leather that is created is rich, durable, and exceptionally long-lasting.


Tochigi FactorySource: Maker's Knot Japan

Once the leather has undergone this process, it is washed and dried, coloured - and in the case of this specific article of leather, an Oiled Vachetta Cowhide which we've used for this Limited Release - wax is applied entirely by hand to the leather to create a glossy finish. 


Tochigi factorySource: Japan Leather Journal

Though there are more efficient, faster methods used today to tan leather - Tochigi has chosen to use this traditional method for over 80 years, and the final result is leather that will last a lifetime.

tochigi tannerySource: Japan Leather Guide

Viberg service boot


Viberg service boot


Viberg tochigi service boot